Welcome to MUNTR 2015

Dear Participants,

My name is Nezahat Yeşim YARGICI, and I have the pleasure of acting as the Secretary-General of Model United Nations Turkey Conference 2015 which will be organized between 2-6 March, in Antalya, Turkey.

I would like to proudly welcome you to the MUNTR family, in the name of Director-General Tolga Öner and each and every member of our Academic and Organization teams. This year’s conference is built around the concept of change. Believing that change for the better can only be realized through appreciation of the past, we have set the theme of the conference as ‘Legacy and Reform’.

Firstly, MUNTR 2015 must be comprehended as a celebration since 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. The MUNTR team wishes to take back the delegates to the origin in order to apprehend a simple idea, hidden in plain sight, on which the UN is built upon: being united.

Secondly, after celebrating the successful story of a decade, MUNTR 2015 will be the 11th session of the conference. Starting a new decade, we feel the privilege of having space for creativity and change. We not only want to give you a better MUN experience, but a new and different one. Working day and night, our team wishes to create something more than a simulation, but a true platform of diplomacy amongst young people where new ideas and insights are welcomed; where the world is shaped by day and shaken by night.

With our theme in mind, we will be hosting delegates in 9 different expert committees focusing on topics varying from international law, economics, development, human rights, security and disarmament. To start with the 70th year special committees: the United Nations Conference on the International Organization, also known as the San Francisco Conference of 1945, will enable delegates to re-create the UN in a post-world war mindset but with the acknowledgment of its faults and successes for the past 70 years. In the United Nations Development Group, delegates will act as representatives from the UN specialized agencies, not only to discuss about the post-2015 agenda, but also to discuss the relativity and the effectiveness of the UN in today’s interconnected and complicated international political arena.

General Assembly Committees: LEGAL and DISEC will be simulated, as General Assembly is the sole body within the UN system where every state is represented as one and votes as one. A crisis trio will be hosted, creating a time bridge with different and intriguing scenarios: in Churchill’s War Cabinet (1940-1945), delegates will act as ministers and advisors to the Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Winston Churchill, in his efforts to lead the British campaign during the Second World War. Delegates of the Security Council will try and overcome threats against international peace and security as the delegates in the Future NATO (2049) committee will try to maneuver NATO through the futurist scenarios the North Atlantic Alliance will face in its 100th year. In the World Trade Organization, delegates will try and come up with solutions aiming to enhance the independence of worldwide trade. Lastly, the Permanent Court of Arbitration will bring together law students from around the world as they tackle complicated cases, enabling justice for all through arbitration.

Finally, with the confidence I derive from the dedication of the MUNTR team, I welcome you to our conference and hope to meet you all in Antalya.

Nezahat Yeşim YARGICI

Secretary-General of MUNTR 2015